Saturday 22nd July 2017

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Hello, and welcome to Carp Fishing Tips, the UK's fastest growing online carp fishing community.

If you would like to gain more advice on Carp Fishing, or talk to experienced anglers regarding new fishing locations, baits, rigs or any other issue relating to Carp Fishing, then you have come to the right place.

Ability to review all major tackle and baits from the likes of Nash, Fox, Wychwood, Shimano, Mainline, Dynamite Baits, SBS Baits, Chub, Greys, Delkim, Century and many more. You can either review or add an item if it doesn't appear in the database.

On this website you can also review most of the common used Carp baits in the UK. Please find listed below quick links to some of the baits:

Dynamite Baits

Hi-Attract Scopex Boilies, Hi Attract Pineapple Boilies, Hi Attract Monster Crap Boilies, Tiger Nut Boilie, Marine Halibut Boilie, Dynamite Spicy Chicken Indulgence Boilie, The Source Terry Hearn's Boilie, Dynamite Fresh Prawn Boilies, Dynamite Fresh Squid Boilies and may more...

Cotswold Baits

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